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Dear YSEC Community Members,

Our presale starts on Friday the 30th at 09:00AM PST and we are happy to announce that YSEC will be launching a web-based staking pool within a few days after our presale has ended. In this blogpost we will be sharing some critical information about the staking structure, staking rewards and the requirements to participate into our YSEC staking pool.

General Overview

The cat is already out of the bag, but we are proud to let you know that we have partnered with the Ferrum Network for their staking tech and soon after the presale, YSEC tokenholders will…

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DeFi is generating a lot of hype and is a space that is undergoing increasing popularity. Absolutely desirable, but at the same time it is becoming increasingly difficult to invest in a new project because of increasing chances of the team not being sincere and the possibility of them leaving the project.

YSEC wants to tackle that problem by offering liquidity and locking solutions for genuine developers. Our platform will enable developers to organize their presale, as well as what will happen with the funds raised and creating trading pairs on Uniswap. Assets can be viewed at all times and…

With the announcement of launching CXN’s BSC endeavor $COX, we are happy to announce that we have heard your prayers and have integrated BSC into our platform. $YSEC will now be launching projects from both the Ethereum chain and the Binance chain.

As of now, we will not be having our own token on BSC just yet. To make a $YSEC token work on BSC, wYSEC if you will, we would need a bridge that connects our main token $YSEC to wYSEC so that growth on one chain, will benefit the other as well. …

In this article we will be giving a general explanation about the use case of our platform as well as the information it provides.

Landing page

When visiting our platform, you will be prompted to the dashboard. On the dashboard you will be able to find ongoing presales, upcoming presales and finished presales. The list shown provides you with some basic info on a listed presale. Beside a projects name it will also show liquidity percentage locked, native tokens locked, softcap, hardcap, start date, end date and current ETH raised. …


YSEC — investing safely in genuine developers

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